About us

Atlas4Jobs provides you, the job seeker, with access to the most complete overview of jobs in your industry. Each day we look for jobs on websites worldwide to ensure the maximum number of job vacancies is made available to you. Today, over 25,000+ vacancies (and counting) in the energy and marine industry are listed by Atlas4Jobs.

What makes Atlas4Jobs unique?

Atlas4Jobs give you access to more jobs than on any other website in your industry. Besides that, this website is objective and unbiased. We are not paid by employers to display their vacancies. Furthermore, we believe the resume you spent valuable time in creating it, is the best description of your background and experience, better than any form with a limited set of categories and keywords could ever be. Therefore, we require you no more than to simply upload your resume, in any format and lay-out you like. Our unique full text matching-technology does the rest, and turns your resume into your search profile, that allows you to search the web and find the perfect job.


Your privacy is important to us. We promise that your information will only be shared with others if you approve. Our privacy statement explains in great detail what our policies are. Obviously, we would like to know who you are. If, however, you choose to stay anonymous, we have no problem with that, as long as we have a working e-mail address to send you job opportunities that match your profile.

Job Search Engine

Atlas4Jobs uses advanced matching technology to find the jobs that best match your experience and background. You can specify your profile using one or a combination of our three search options; Keyword Search, Advanced Search and Full CV Matching.

Keyword Search

Free text matching is intended to be used for quick and basic matching. AND, OR and NOT operators can be used to refine searches and make them more specific. A free text matching string could be: planning AND Africa NOT South-Africa. Additionally double quotation marks can be used to match on compound matching terms. An example of a compound matching word could be: "planning engineer". If you want to improve match results you can Upload your CV to generate objective results based on the information in your CV. Additionally you can filter your results using Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search filters your search results based on your selection: Discipline, Region and Employer. An example could be: "planning engineer" as the matching string; with the Employer filter set as "Shell". Additionally, you can filter results based on their language, as well as the type of website that they are posted on.